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CloudNAC is the foundation of emerging SD-LAN capabilities. As part of Colony's growing platform, the App gives administrators port-level access control for switches deployed in both private (including SD-WAN) and open networks.

The App gives network administrators software-defined Access Control to LAN devices, whether it's for IoT management or user/group requirements.

Control access to your LAN devices, whether it's IoT or user requirements…Cloud based switch port authentication with passive monitoring & insight

Securely manage physical switches remotely

CloudNAC provides consolidated LAN controls previously unavailable without the use of  VPN tunnels and/or SD-WAN solutions in place.

CloudNAC Capabilities

Network Access Control Standard
Real-time device authentication for managed devices
Centralized cloud based SD-LAN management
Connected Device Inventory
Dynamic Device Assignment w/VLAN Support
Mac Based Device Blocking
Real-time Dashboard and Email Notifications
Complement App
CloudFilter manages traffic and security beyond the LAN

CloudNAC provides new levels of access control

Learn how Colony can help you manage physical switches across an array of sites, from a single interface.

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