CloudOne SuperApp

Available as a White-labelled platform, CloudOne is a network management platform best used by organizations with deployment and ongoing management responsibility for many sites. The platform is increasingly valuable where sites require multiple connections (including failover) and multiple network services, all of which can be managed through a single white-labelled dashboard.

Built as a white-labelled platform for multi-national scale, CloudOne is a Super App that enables Network Operators and CSPs (Communication Service Providers) to streamline device provisioning and simplify site management within a single view.

Streamlined end-to-end

The diagram below shows how integrated data connectors (left) are used to automatically onboard sites and devices, while the Apps and Analytics (right) provide immediate value for customers for multiple network services.

Platform Diagram (Landscape)

Following are sample use cases for customer using Colony's network management platform:

A major carrier is looking to expand  down market
A Network Operator (CSP) wants to profitably extend Enterprise capabilities to its SMB customer base
Efficient Rollout and Maintenance of 5G Fixed Wireless
A major carrier sees a material reduction in Truck Rolls by using SignalTest both on install as well as for recurring validation.
One view for enterprise customers with diverse network needs
An unified and agnostic view helps customers with multiple network vendors and device families
New value for transit operators with a safety net for passengers
As ridership increases, transit operators look to provide safe connectivity services while mitigating data costs.

Agnostic, Unified and Automated

Bringing it all together, CloudOne provides a unified and agnostic view to sites and devices. When integrated, site and device updates are seamlessly updated.

CSPs and Network MSPs can go further with a multiple access tiers and channel partner branding.

Platform Capabilities

Core Capabilities Enterprise CSP/MSP
Centralized, cloud-based vendor agnostic dashboard
Consolidated site views w/ geolocation
Single Integrated data lake
Global Search Across Companies, Sites and Devices
Nested Companies Hierarchies
Meta Views for all sites and companies with filtering
Global alerts via webhooks, email & SMS
Provisioning orchestration (vendors, OSS/BSS & Colony)
Product manager feature control
Tiered self serve views (100% control, escalation only)
Multi-tenant white-labeled w/ Channel Partner Branding
Available Platform Add-Ons
CRM Data Connectors (ServiceNow, SalesForce, etc.)
Analytics+ (multi dimensional, companies, sites, apps)

Unified Provisioning, Visibility and Control

Industry examples to see how the CloudOne platform can be configured for your organization.

The "Business" behind business grade Internet

Whether its for groups of SMB sites or Enterprise deployments, SiteHealth assures cost effective monitoring and escalation notifications to Network Operations Centers (NOCs) that support one-or-more modems across one-or-more broadband carriers. Learn how Colony can help take your site management to the next level.

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