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System Integrators

Whether it's to manage a network with several carriers, or to manage multiple generations of devices, Colony gives Systems Integrators the means to deploy and manage multiple network services through a single dashboard.

In many cases, System Integrators need to deploy services to both rural and urban markets, requiring a mix of primary and failover circuit providers across multiple carriers.

To deploy efficiently at scale, a national grocery chain is using SignalTest to increase the quality of their cellular backhaul circuits, while the SI saves time with greatly reduced support costs.

Let us be your guide

Bundle multiple Apps to meet your stakeholder needs. For CSPs, not only can we combine different tiered capabilities, but we can do so by customer segment or other site groups. Following is one possible configuration for a CSP who manages network services for the benefit of a nationwide retailer.

Common Platform Configuation | SIs Basic Standard Premium

Unified Provisioning, Visibility and Control

Industry examples to see how the CloudOne platform can be configured for your organization.

Want to streamline management of hundreds, or even thousands of sites?

Colony can help take your site management strategy to the next level.

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