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SignalTest is a site survey tool that tests the performance of LTE gateways in their specific installation location.

SignalTest allows field technicians to quickly run an on-site test that measures cellular connectivity performance of an IoT gateway to validate the installation prior to leaving the customer site. It also maintains a history of all test results which allows customer support to investigate operational concerns post-install.

SignalTest determines actual indoor cellular data network performance, setting expectations early and improving customer satisfaction. If the specific location fails, SignalTest generates remediation suggestions to improve performance.

Device Independence
Custom Thresholds
Automated Validation

A better Speedtest for fixed wireless devices

Plan, engage, and analyse with ease. Transform your social media strategy with an all-in-one platform.

SignalTest Capabilities

Fixed Wireless Qualification Basic Standard Premium
Device Setup Cellular Certification (Signal, Noise, etc.)
Agent-less and Agnosting Testing
User Configurable Pass/Fail Criteria for all Metrics
24 Hr. Detailed Optimization Reports w/ CSV Export
Multi-Site SignalTest Usage (by Company)
Real-time Mode
Advanced Historical Reports w/ CSV Export (up to 1 year)
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