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Colony gives Telecom Carriers/Communication Service Providers (CSPs) a device-agnostic platform with a collection of intuitive Apps. Typically built by device vendors, Colony's platform extends these Apps across an array of devices through a unified dashboard.

One view for enterprise customers with diverse and pre-existing networks

A retail conglomerate is consolidating their networks and devices following recent acquisitions.

For consumer Wi-Fi, the marketing department wants consistency of their captive portals and related analytics across all brands. Headquarters' operations want all sites using the same recently released hardware, but practically it doesn't make sense. The other challenge is that their retail outlets require multiple network operators to achieve sufficient coverage, including failover capabilities. Colony's platform addresses Marketing's needs with a consistent user experience from store-to-store, and Operations uses the single dashboard to monitor and manage network capabilities across an array of devices. Read more here.

Scalable Apps with Simple Support

Let us be your guide

Larger organizations with multiple sites (satellite branches) need to operate as one... When combining groups...

Following is one possible configuration for a CSP who manages network services for the benefit of a nationwide retailer.

Common Platform Configuation | Enterprise Accounts Basic Standard Premium

Unified Provisioning, Visibility and Control

Industry examples to see how the CloudOne platform can be configured for your organization.

Do you manage hundreds, or even thousands of sites?

Colony can help take your site management strategy to the next level.

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