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Colony Networks is excited to be on the CAMARA End User Council. We are actively working with carriers around the world to integrate their APIs into our platform.

Partner: Rogers
Partner: Microsoft
Partner: Telefonica
Partner: Orange

Following is  a preview of two uses cases for how Colony is using the CAMARA APIs in our software.

Quality on Demand

Automatic QoD on Failover

Customers want to minimize connectivity costs while ensuring maximum performance. Until now, this has been an impossible problem to solve. Now with CAMARA Quality on Demand API, we can do exactly that. Customers can subscribe to a low cost low performance base plan for their cellular backup service. When failover mode is activated, Colony’s automation can immediately send a QoD request to the carrier for better network performance to ensure that business critical services are able to operate smoothly.

Additionally, our SignalTest application helps provide transparency and reassurance to customers that they are receiving the level of service that they are paying for.

Device Location Retrieval

Anti Theft and Equipment Tracking

Efficient location tracking is key to ensuring that “fixed wireless access” is truly fixed. The CAMARA Location Retrieval API combined with Colony’s existing monitoring and alerting system form a simple, low cost, yet effective anti theft and equipment tracking solution. Now both customers and operators can benefit from the added reassurance that fixed wireless devices are only used at their intended locations.

Location-based Automated Provisioning

Carriers and enterprises partner with Colony to deploy wireless business internet and cellular backup services to thousands of retail locations across the country using our automated provisioning tool. Now we can use CAMARA Location Retrieval API to further enhance the provisioning process.

Traditional device provisioning processes require devices to first be provisioned at a central location before being organized and shipped out to regional installers. The installer must then find the specific device assigned to a specific store, which is a labor intensive and error prone process.

Using real time location from the CAMARA API, Colony’s new fully automated provisioning process can recognize when a device enters the predefined geofence for a store, and provision the device remotely only when it arrives at the installation location. This ensures accuracy and eliminates the chance of human error in the traditional process.

Network Performance Heat Map

For fleet deployments, adding real time location from the CAMARA Device Location Retrieval API allows us to map our SiteHealth and SignalTest data geographically to display a real time network performance heatmap.

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