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Reliable high speed connectivity is critical to organizations of all sizes. With the rapid growth of device capabilities and increasing operational demands, it is increasingly important that site connections be monitored effectively.

SiteHealth is a Cloud-hosted App that provides monitoring of both Internet connectivity as well as  customer premise (CPE) gateways, APs and other devices. The App supports multiple configurations including wired, fixed wireless or multiple hybrid connection types.  

To support various monitoring states, the SiteHealth App uses the CloudOne policy engine to initiate configurable real-time alerts and notifications.

Device Agnostic Monitoring in a Unified View

Any Broadband Modem
Any Service Provider
Automated Provisioning

SiteHealth Capabilities

Site / Device(s) Monitoring Basic Standard Premium
Live Site Status /w Connection Metrics
Multi-site views by map or list
Real-time Alerts and Thresholds
Failover (backup state) indicators w/ filtering
Historic Metrics and Events Tables w/ CSV Export
Configurable Polling Intervals
Dynamic Data Connector (ie Meraki, CradlePoint, etc.)
Additional Wireline Metrics
Additional Cellular Metrics
Recommended Add-Ons
Analytics+ provides correlative reporting with other platform Apps providing multi-site and multi-company views.

Single Pane of Glass

Customers appreciate the consolidated view for all sites and devices. Available in both in map and table views, all level of support personnel value the consistent dashboard and intuitive controls.

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