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Calling all Carriers

Following their success as telecom and cable operators in decades past, CSPs extended their network capabilities to support Enterprise customers with larger scale, typically with bespoke needs.  However, as increasingly specialized Managed Service Providers also compete for Enterprise business, CSPs are looking for ways to leverage their scale and domain knowledge to grow their business. 

Optimizing Growth for CSPs

Going upmarket, many CSPs pursue Public/Government initiatives like regional Wi-Fi programs and smart cities.  The opportunity to extend IoT devices and realize Smart Cities, begins here.  For the past 3 years, Colony has powered city wide public Wi-Fi in multiple markets, both in English and French.

Profitably Expand to SMB

But perhaps the biggest near-term opportunity for CSPs is to expand down-market to SMBs.  While Enterprise customers build unifying programs that combine the best devices and services for their needs, SMBs lack the scale to invest in these highly customized solutions.  SMBs are left to use unfamiliar network devices and waste valuable time with multiple vendor's applications.  
CSPs pursuing the SMB market w/ Colony's platform, are now recognizing 50% YoY growth.  While there are many platform functions that support this incredible growth, the success can be largely attributed to addressing SMB with Colony's site-view, agnostic device support and single pane of glass.

Let us be your guide

Bundle multiple Apps to meet your stakeholder needs. For CSPs, not only can we combine different tiered capabilities, but we can do so by customer segment or other site groups. Following is one possible configuration for a CSP who manages network services for the benefit of a nationwide retailer.

Common Platform Configuation | CSPs Basic Standard Premium

Unified Provisioning, Visibility and Control

Industry examples to see how the CloudOne platform can be configured for your organization.

Do you manage hundreds, or even thousands of sites?

Colony can help take your site management strategy to the next level.

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SMB Growth for Carriers

A Network Operator (CSP) wants to profitably extend Enterprise capabilities to its SMB customer base

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Fixed 5G Rollout

A Managed Services Provider has been contracted to deploy and maintain connectivity

Extensible Platform

A Systems Integrator uses branded CloudOne to unify multiple support systems throughout its clients' portfolio of sites

Enterprise Flexibility

A retail conglomerate is consolidating their networks and devices following recent acquisitions.

New Value for Transit

A city bus operator wants to increase value to their ridership while ensuring their safety